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Helpful Information

Billing and Insurance

In-Network plans

Wee Care Therapy currently accepts the following medical insurance plans:


Peach State Health Plan




Tricare Prime 

Tricare Select


United Healthcare 


Paying your bill

You can pay your bill easily via your fusion account. We email statements out on the 1st and 15th of every month. Please make sure you e-mail to receive access.

Follow this link to make your account:

*You may need to use the "forgot password" to set-up your account*

Please contact Taylor @ 912-465-0145 if you have any questions regarding your bill.

Our Process

Doctor Referrals

If we will be billing insurance, we do require a referral from your child's doctor. They can fax the referral to 440-556-6007 or you can bring a hard copy by the office. Before we can begin therapy services, we will need all of the following paperwork: 


  • A referral/prescription from your Primary Care Physician 

  • Any information on previous evaluations or treatments received 

  • Current copy of your insurance card (front and back) 

  • Current copy of IFSP/IEP if applicable 

If you are paying for an evaluation and/or therapy services privately, we do not require a doctor's referral.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of performing therapy in a natural enviroment?

There are countless benefits to children and families who take advantage of natural environment therapy options. Therapy can be used to treat various kinds of issues helping kids on their journey to create healthier, more stable and productive lives, maximizing their potential. Occupational and speech therapy are both areas where therapy outside of a clinical environment can and should be considered. These disciplines of therapy touch on many areas of daily life.

How do I know if my child needs therapy?

If you have any concerns about your child needing therapy, please look at our list of services. There you will find age appropriate milestones. If your child isn't meeting these milestones, please contact us and we can help you further. 

When should I start therapy with my child?

Research indicates that early intervention is key therefore the sooner therapists can intervene the better!  This means the younger your child is the better it is to start intervention.  This will allow for the therapeutic process to make positive changes with your child’s speech, language, and overall development.  Often times, parents suspect a potential problem or have concerns about their child’s development but may be told by other professionals to “wait and see.” If you have a concern, please contact us to do a screening. 

Where are we located?

We are located in Bloomingdale, GA- right outside of Pooler, GA.


Our address is:


We are between the Sonora Grill and Arrow Exterminators. Our office is a small brick house with a blue door! Park in the rear of the building!

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